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Story Producer | Director | Edit Producer| Camera | Photographer | Drone pilot 

I am an environmental filmmaker who is dedicated to telling the stories of conservationists and indigenous communities, who are fighting for a more sustainable future on our planet. 


I hold a BSc. in Environmental Policy and Climate Change Law and an M.A. in Wildlife Filmmaking from UWE Bristol in partnership with the BBC Natural History Unit. 


I started working with documentary film in 2014 in Brazil with a group of French investigate journalists from award-winning production company, Babel doc. I have since worked on projects as both a story producer and assistant director that have appeared on Nat Geo, Netflix, cinemas and film festivals worldwide.

In 2023, I story and edit co-produced 'Blue Carbon', a music and environmental documentary about the protection of coastal ecosystems featuring DJ Jayda G and Seu Jorge.


In 2022, I was the assistant producer on ‘Wilding’ at Passion Pictures, a docu-dramatisation of the story of the rewilding of Knepp Estate; one of the most inspiring nature conservation projects in Britain.

My recent short ‘Curupira’ for WaterBear, was a finalist at the Jackson Wild Festival in 2023. It is a docu-animation about a mysterious and powerful Amazonian goddess, told in the words of the Indigenous Borarí and Arapiun people. The film invokes the power of original myths to inspire us all, to reconnect with nature in the midst of the Anthropocene.

My first short film ‘Wired Roots’ tells the stories of a voluntary brigade of firemen in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest who are fighting illegal forest fires. The film highlights how we can harness the power of social enterprise to reforest world wide. My partner, is close to having replanted 200 million trees in 15 countries.


My photography captures nature and people with a focus on capturing whole ecosystems, landscapes, trees, and people. 


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me with any questions or potential collaborations. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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